Responsible Guardianship of Animals.



An animal is an integrating part of the family who adopts it, and is it deserves lots of kindness, attention and care.

Only being with your pet is not enough: it is necessary to treat them with love and dignity, practicing Responsible Guardianship, which implies different sorts of care such as: feeding them well, keeping them in a clean environment, away from excessive cold or heat, vaccinating them against diseases, always walking them with a leash for accidents not to happen, being careful when opening doors or gates so that they do not run away and suffer on the streets what abandoned animals suffer, not keeping it locked or tied in a chain or rope, taking it to the vet when sick and, above all, neutering them.

Neutering (castration) is a surgical procedure done by a qualified veterinarian, which prevents animals from reproducing, avoiding animal overcrowding. Unwanted offspring are a major cause of abandonment.

Castration does good to dogs and cats because animals tend to escape and get hurt during their heat. It also prevents prostate cancer for males and uterus and breast cancer for the females.

A dog may give birth twice a year with an average of six puppies at a time. In six years, one sole couple (and their offspring when adult) may generate 67,000 dogs!!

For cats, who can give birth up to four times per year, this number is double.

Unfortunately, there are people who are cruel and abandon their animals because they have become sick, and female cats and bitches for being pregnant or for having unwanted offspring.

They also abandon their pets because they have become too old; or because they want a new baby pet or a pet of a different breed; sometimes because people move to a different house or city, or because a baby is born in the house.

This is an unacceptable attitude!

How can you trust human beings who are capable of abandoning their pets to their destiny?

It is paramount that people do their part and observe all the items of the Responsible Guardianship.

But we must also ask the Government for their part, demanding programs to sterilize animals, vaccinate them, give them free public veterinarian care for those who cannot afford it, education for respect, and punishment for those who abuse or abandon their animals.

Abandonment and abuse are punished in accordance with the law, and we must all be alert.

Those who help an animal who is hurt, ill, and in need of help do good not only to the animal, but also to themselves, since compassion makes human beings better.

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