Nobody wants to be abandoned.



Abandonment is an act that has a number of consequences including severe physical and emotional changes in who was abandoned.

Reports of abandonment of the elderly and of children reveal suffering that brings up sadness and revolt.

With animals, this is no different!

The feeling of being lost is the same. The deprivations are also to be the same.

When the abandonment is deliberate, there is the cruel aggravating circumstance of being discarded, which brings over even greater pain.

How would we feel if we tried walking in their shoes?

We live a critical crisis of values.

The human society has never before been so individualistic.

Incentives to consumption, to individual well-being, to personal success and to money make our values weak and temporary, since there is always something new, fashionable, which encourages us to discard the things we already own ai??i?? they hinder us ai??i?? to search for novelty.

However, abandonment is not always due to deliberate cruelty. Other reasons also come up in peopleai??i??s lives, which prevent them from acting according to the way they would like to act. Family illnesses, economic difficulties or others, related to moving houses or cities, lack of government policies that support unexpected situations.

So, similarly to an elderly person or a child, who suffers the pain of abandonment, also a pet sees itself as a victim of situations that get out of its hands, and it is not at all a less painful situation.

An old dog being discarded for the acquisition of a young one is more frequent than we can imagine.

Leaving a cat behind because they will not fit into the new apartment is part of our daily routine.

An agonizing mare on the asphalt with a broken leg and no one to help is way more frequent that you can see in the newspapers.

Our duty is to be aware of these situations and never be indifferent or silent about the facts.

Rational beings as we are, we have responsibility over the planet and over all beings which live in it, because we are part of life on the planet Earth.

You may not be fond of animals, but showing sympathy for their pain and suffering makes you a better human being, and you can make a better world. Nobody wants to be abandoned, after all.

Autora: Laelia Tonhozi

TraduAi??A?o:Ai??Andre Botelho (Linked InAi??/ About me)

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